Fifty-Three Magdalene Road

What does love mean to you?

Hanife Karaduman has kept her secrets for two years – since her sister sent her to London. And for some reason she wandered all the way…to Magdalene Road.

She comes to 53 Magdalene Road every day since a month after coming. And she only discovers 53 Magdalene Road at night after two years. From then on, she will understand more the people she’s been surrounding herself with for two years. From here, she will have to unravel her secrets to others to save herself. From here, she will find out what love means.

Because to her, to every each of us, it’s different.

Stray in the City

Emine Karakaya. Her family is broken – divorced father, dead mother, one missing brother. Life is like walking on a string.

Leo Howard. His life is broken – runaway, part-time thief, part-time gambler, missing home. Whatever happened before he gathers with his gang he mostly has no idea now.

The distance from Istanbul to London is far, but not far enough to separate their fate.

R for Redwater

Because of a family fight, Abbey is sent to a boarding school in London. Even though it might sound rather exciting, going to a new school in the big city, moving means new friends, new teachers, and, because this is a boarding school, no coming home for weeks!

But school life in Redwater is not your typical school story thing. And with a new teacher coming this year, there is also another rivalry: a teacher-teacher rivalry. With all this, Abbey and the others will have to make good scores while tackling other school problems. The point is, Redwater will never be the same again!